When nothing else matters.


Crush is a story about infatuation and temptation. Kirsten has a crush on Sean (whose marriage is going through a difficult patch) and he’s pretending that there’s nothing in it. Until…. she invites him to dinner. He should’ve said “No”, but now he’s locked into her agenda - which could lead to a potentially life-wrecking affair.


This is an ‘asymmetrical relationship’ between two individuals where one is infatuated and the other is being drawn-into a commitment which is not all it seems.


Initially the audience will jump to conclusions about who has the power - and then the film will take them in a completely different direction. It’s about love, idolisation, obsession, and respect set in the frantic city-life of Vancouver B.C.



Crush aims to provide a different perspective on how such relationships develop: they can never be condoned, are rarely simple and seldom play out like popular-press headlines.


Kirsten Mackenzie - Robyn Westcott

Robyn was raised on Bowen Island in British Columbia, Canada. Although in her early twenties, she carries a maturity beyond her years. She has been building a media-resume with appearances on shows such as Arrow and The Arrangement, as well as independent films and projects. Since the age of 15 Robyn has been studying with the top coaches in Vancouver including Matthew Harrison, John Cassini and Christianne Hirt. In 2015, she won Best Supporting Actress for her role in Big O and in 2016 she was among the Young Talent at Cannes Film Festival. She’s looking forward to her part in CRUSH.



Sean Hennessy  - PETER GRAY

The first in his family line to act, Peter grew up far away from TV in a country home where fifty acres of forest and imagination entertained. After high school he struck out on an adventure in South America where he lived on the coast learning Spanish and teaching English. A year away from finishing his degree in International Economics and Development, his University plays kicked him into the acting world. While shooting a short film in Toronto, he stopped by an agency unannounced, soaked with rain, without a resume and introduced himself. Three days after turning him down, the agency found his info and called him in to audition for a feature film. Since then he has thrown himself headlong into acting and filmmaking.


Richard Burke


Writer & Director


Having made his Directorial debut on short-film ‘Star-Crossed’, Richard now moves to his second short – ‘Crush’ slated for production in 2018. He will follow this with ‘In Sight’, a Canadian psychological-thriller slated for production in 2019.Following a successful business career, Richard co-founded Page Break Productions Ltd in the U.K.  He’s Writer-Director of ‘Star-Crossed’ and Screenwriter on BAFTA-nominated ‘Whistle My Lad’, ‘Stealing Tomorrow’ and ‘Brandenburg’. He also worked as Executive Producer on Hassan Nazar’s feature film ‘Utopia’, Shaun Hughes’ 'Carino' and ‘Whistle My Lad'.

Ally Barry


Supervising Producer


Years of experience working in both commercial and animation production, Allison Barry knows what it means to be on-time and on budget. She worked on the Emmy Nominated PBS children’s series ‘Plum Landing’, the TIFF 2013 short film ‘Impromptu’ and the US Bank of America’s ‘Better Money Habits’. Before joining ‘Crush’, she spearheaded the highly successful Toyota '#OwnerApproved' Live Action campaign.

Brodie Marno


Producer/ Co-Writer



Brodie Marno produced the BAFTA-nominated short film ‘Whistle My Lad’. He has supported projects as an Executive Producer (‘Utopia’), a co-Producer (the Light Parades’ ‘Adolescence’), a writer (‘Stealing Tomorrow’, ‘Off the Grid’ & ‘Crush’) and a Production Assistant (BAFTA winning ‘No More Shall We Part’).  In addition to his work with Page Break, Brodie continues to produce corporate and educational films around Eruope.


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